Bus Simulator puts you behind the steering wheel of a traditional urban bus and challenges you to complete "missions", that is, complete any of the city routes that bus must follow. But Bus Simulator is not only a driving simulator, meaning you'll have to take care of the business by deciding the price of tickets or renting the vehicle's ad spaces to make them more profitable. Bus Simulator 2008 will put the player into the driving seat of an urban bus.

And y’know what? Add all DLC to Cart. Bus Simulator 2008 is a simulator of the management of urban bus network. “This is a bus-driving game that is absolutely delighted to be a bus-driving game, and wants me to feel the same way. Bus Simulator 18 - Official map extension. Report problems with download to [email protected] Bus Simulator 18 - Mercedes-Benz Interior Pack 1. The title is responsible for the production of the little-known Bytes Ice studio, but the release took a team with Avanquest Software.

Contendo's game is not as simple as the premise sounds, as the player must fulfil all the obligations of a working bus driver, from taking fares and handing out tickets to obeying all the rules of the road. You’ll start by choosing a bus and a route. You can also display advertising on your buses, which will generate more profits and allow you to grow your business even faster. I think I do. Bus Simulator 18 - MAN Interior Pack 1. In Bus Simulator 2008, picking the most profitable routes will mean more revenue for you, which you can then invest back in your fleet and company.