ADIDAS MEN'S BASKETBALL SHOES - CLASSIC, SIGNATURE & RETRO LOOKS. Buy Nike shoes either a half size or a full size up, even if going off of the Nike shoe size chart. For example, if an individual typically wears a 10 or a 10.5, a Nike size 11 would most likely fit the best. It seems like an obvious assumption at face value, but a size 9 adidas basketball shoe should fit the same as a size 9 adidas running shoe, right? I was wondering how their shoe sizes differ? For half a century, adidas has redefined what’s possible with men’s basketball shoes so you can redefine what’s possible on the court. Shop by Shoe Size Shop by Shoe Size Grade School Kids (3.5-9.5) Pre School Kids (10.5-3) Toddler/Infant (1-10) New Arrivals Shop by Gender Shop by Gender Boys Girls Shoes Shoes Shop All Casual Shoes Sandals & Slip Ons Basketball Shoes Running Shoes Training Shoes Skate Shoes Boots Clothing Clothing Shop All Shirts & Graphic Tees Tank Tops & Bras I want to either buy some Adidas slides or Nike slides. I wear a 9.5 MENS for Nike. How is the sizing in the NMD compared to Nike or Jordan (I wear a 9 in both of those), is it still half a size down. I go to school around the country side. He said no one at school had these shoes so that made them unique in his opinion. The Adidas size chart helps you convert between shoe sizes in different countries. Adidas NMD sizing compared to Nike. Battle, opportunity, obsession, expression—whatever the game is for you, the right gear helps you carve out your lane and make a splash. Find shoe size charts for Men, Women, Kids, Babies and Toddlers People that have wide feet will most likely want to order a half size up and the "wide" model of the shoe.

He says they are very comfortable and stylish. Nike’s revenues and prestige have rocketed in the past five years. I will never fully understand my Son's taste in gym shoes but he really liked Adidas Boys' Superstar Vulcano shoes and has not stopped wearing them since I purchased them. Everybody is saying half a size down from Ultra Boost but i haven't owned any Adidas shoes in a while.

What should I order for adidas? Adidas Boys' Superstar Vulcano shoes .