Clouds make lovely shapes in the sky, but when reproduced on canvas, they often look out of place. Learn to notice things like atmospheric and linear perspective, and how sky colors are less intense in the distance and more intense in the clouds closer to us. The lines of the cloud should almost be parallel but paint them freehand, not using a ruler. Both sky and clouds have some of the softest edges you can find in nature. 10 great tips to paint gorgeous skies and clouds.

Dip it in white paint and paint the puffy shape of the clouds on the sky. How to Paint Stratus Clouds You want long, horizontal sweeps across your painting, so use a flat, wide brush.

Switch to a smaller, round paintbrush. My advice is to view them as solid objects with three dimensions, which are affected by the sun. The sides of the clouds the furthest away from the sun should be the darkest, and the ones the closest should be the lightest. Look at the photograph for some idea of what shapes are realistic.