Much of the series is lensed through a cloying golden haze as if every second were … Island? Outer Banks is an engrossing escape, especially for those with time to binge watch because it’s so difficult to stop at just one episode.

Outer Banks is your classic coming-of-age story told over a backdrop of a mystery and danger, complete with your boy next door, brainy Black friend, troubled bad … It’s sharply written around not just intriguing characters but also relevant themes related to socioeconomic disparity and prejudice. Directed primarily by Jonas Pate, Outer Banks looks like nostalgia feels. Outer Banks, the new Netflix series about a bunch of teens hunting for long-lost treasure and finding lots of trouble along the way, is incredibly fun. Mini-manse? ‘Outer Banks’ Review: Netflix Teen Drama Is a Lively, Soapy Adventure Story Set against a coastal Carolina backdrop, this show's too-big swings are … Right: This is the Outer Banks, a string of islands along the North Carolina coast, where “you either have two jobs or two houses,” John B says in voiceover.